Final Project


This project portfolio is a summary of work done over the 8 weeks of instruction in Instructional Design for E-Learning (EDUC 763) taught by Dr. Susan Manning at the University of Wisconsin Stout.  At the beginning we were asked to identify a course we would like to teach in either an online or blended format.  This course was then utilized throughout the 8 weeks as the platform for understanding and implementing instructional design.

Our progress in design followed closely with our textbook:

Smith, Robin M. Conquering the content: A step-by-step guide to online course design, First Edition (2008). Jossey Bass. ISBN-13: 978-0787994426

This text was an essential instrument in our design as we utilized a variety of suggested forms that elucidated the integral components of our course and resulted in content that was “well organized, pedagogically sound, and with opportunities for active learning”.

Throughout this project portfolio I will refer to the aforementioned forms and explain their utility in course design as well as post the completed forms for my course.



Maria Guillily, PhD