E-Learning for Educators

The E-Learning for Educators course offered at UWstout addresses a number of topics of relevance to online educators.  These topics include:

  1. Analyze current research on teaching and learning using learning management systems.
  2. Evaluate, select and manage technology-based assessment tools.
  3. Apply collaborative learning theory to create and use web tools such as discussion forums and blogs for collaborative learning.
  4. Locate and evaluate the accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, comprehensiveness, and bias of electronic information resources to be used in the online classroom.
  5. Demonstrate ethical use of digital information resources and understanding of educational copyright and fair use principles in e-learning environments.
  6. Apply understanding of the impact of learner differences: culture/race, ability/disability, gender, age, socioeconomic status, and family influences in delivery of e-learning.
  7. Analyze how accessibility of technology based resources affects planning for instruction.
  8. Design and publish an electronic portfolio of course artifacts.
Below you will find examples of my work from the course:
Diigo: E-Learning for Educators Group
E-Learning Reflective Journal
Information Fluency Certificate
MOOC Scoop-It Magazine
Moodle Discussion Facilitation

Moodle Assessment

Maria Guillily, PhD