Tip Sheet



The tip sheet is a very useful component in the course.  It can be utilized in almost any instance to give the student a resource for utilizing different components of the course management system (CMS) or applications outside of the CMS.  By incorporating multimedia into the tip sheet as well as giving detailed step by step instructions many of the students questions can be answered without the need to contact the instructor.

      Tip sheets are a means to readily convey procedural information to students.  This tip sheet focuses on the collaborative app, lino.   lino was utilized in the making of this tip sheet as a means for outlining the project.  Two separate columns of sticky notes were utilized, one in blue and one in orange.  The blue column was for the overall headings of sections and the orange column detailed what would be included in each section.  It was an excellent resource for collaborating on the outline and made alterations extremely feasible.  lino can also be used in the classroom in a number of ways including allowing students to make notes on readings and then compare these notes with a partner.

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Maria Guillily, PhD