Personal Learning Environment (PLE)



Through the cultivation of my Personal Learning Environment (PLE) I hope to stay abreast of news and changes in the eLearning Industry.  I replaced the eLearning Guild with the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) as a professional society to explore.  My professor for this course presented at the OLC annual conference and it seems to be more directly linked with academic eLearning.  I have also recently joined as a community member, which will give me a chance to explore what the group has to offer.  I included Dennis O’Connor in my PLE as he is a great resource for eLearning news and jobs and a wonderful connection for UWstout alumni.  Finally, I incorporated the program Feedly into my “What I need to Learn” category in place of the RSS icon.  Feedly is designed to centralize RSS feeds and allow the user to easily check up on sites of interest.  I am not sure that it will yield much information, but is worth a try.


My personal learning environment (PLE) regularly consists of interacting with colleagues personally through Linkedin and UWstout, and reading about the current state of higher education through the newsletter from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

I have been exploring a number of sites throughout the past decade.  I have used Facebook primarily as a personal application in the past, but I am interested in exploring it on more of a professional level.  Youtube is an excellent resource for learning resources, and it has a vast amount of information I have not yet explored.  I have signed up as a member of the PULSE website funded primarily by HHMI, it is a network for exploring changes in undergraduate STEM education.  I am currently not an active member, but I would like to participate more fully in the discussions and dynamic of the site.   Finally, I have created a wonderful resource on MOOCs on, and would like to put more energy in curating the magazine.

I am excited to learn more about the use of Twitter and Feedly to keep up to date on current advances in eLearning and to learn how to use Twitter to help cultivate my online presence.  Additionally, it is possible to become a free community member of the Online Learning Consortium.  This would be a great way to get a feel for the types of professional societies available and to keep abreast of news and upcoming conferences.


Maria Guillily, PhD