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The contact info page is a very important starting point for students when issues arise.  I may also include information on contacting other student resources such as, the library, IT, and registrars office.  It will be important to make sure that my contact times are in synch with the time zone in which the school is located, time zone issues can cause a plethora of confusion.  Additionally, I may include a google voice number as a potential alternative for students to contact me in case of emergencies.  However, I am generally more aware of email than any other form of communication and would need to make sure that voice messages were forwarded to my email to prevent missing them.  I am excited about the chat office hours through the D2L program but would explore alternatives if other software was more amenable.


If questions arise concerning the course please be sure to check the syllabus first.


Q & A

Students should then utilize the Q and A section in the discussion forum as their initial means of asking technical or general questions about the course.  This forum will allow the entire class to be on the same page, as usually any questions you have others will also have.  I will check this section 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, and evening.  If you post after 7pm EST your question will generally be answered the following day after 6am EST.


Students can also contact me via email with personal concerns or inquiries about extensions.  I will also check email 3 times a day: morning, afternoon, and evening.  If you email after 7pm EST your question will generally be answered the following day after 6am EST.

Office Hours: Chat

Finally, I will have office hours and will be available to chat between 1pm-3pm EST MWF.  Check into the chat section of D2L for help.

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Maria Guillily, PhD