Assessment Toolbox: Group Work Presented in Weebly

In our quest to become online educators, we are examining assessment practices and how they impact online student learning (Assessment Toolbox Presented in Weebly). According to Grant Wiggins, “Assessment tasks must model and demand important real-world work. Focused and accountable teaching requires ongoing assessment of the core tasks that embody the aims of schooling: whether students can wisely transfer knowledge with understanding in simulations of complex adult intellectual tasks. Only by ensuring that the assessment system models such (genuine) performance will student achievement and teaching be improved over time.” In the following pages we will describe four different assessment tools, discuss their benefits and challenges, provide a learning example of an authentic application of each of the tools and provide an example of how a specific learning objective can be connected to the tool.


Wiggins, “Healthier Testing Made Easy: The Idea of Authentic Assessment”

Vyew (Peer-to-Peer Collaboration) presented by Margot Downs
Our Story (Reflection) presented by Tami Triller
Screencast-o-matic (Audio/Video Production) presented by Maria Guillily
Quia (Survey/Test Builder) presented by Mariadel Velez-Hasley

Assessment Toolbox Presented in Weebly

Maria Guillily, PhD