Screencasts are valuable tools for the online classroom.  They record activity on your computer with the addition of audio and/or video, making the demonstration of tools or learning management system navigation extremely feasible.  In addition, they can be used to assess student knowledge and provide instructor feedback.  Students can be asked to create screencasts in response to specific questions or as a formative assessment of an ongoing project.


Educational Applications:
Screencasts are an excellent tool for developing web 2.0 tutorials.  For example, If students are new to using WordPress then the instructor is able to record the process of setting up a WordPress page, which then can be replicated independently by students.  I have created a screencast to demonstrate tutorial making:


For assessment purposes, screencasts could be used by students to design tutorials for their classmates or to exhibit their knowledge through a quick presentation format.
I have created a screencast that would act as a response to a question asking students to explain one basic neurobiological property:


Screencasts were recorded using the Screencast-o-matic(SOM).  For more information on SOM please visit my assessment toolbox.


*Picture utilized in synapse video is credited to Magnus Contact and can be found at the following location

Maria Guillily, PhD